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Kulla e Jetimit

Located about 25 kilometers far from the city,a motel-restaurant Orphans Tower, priority of who is that to provide care to the most sensitive part of society,orphans.

The work of “Tower of Orphan” began in 2000 and countinued step by step till today.

We started with an old object with 10 acers, while with the help of foundations especially the citizens of Prizren and IHH we raised a new object.At first we thought to build a modest building to help orphans and without the ability to accept guests.While the help of Allah made ​​to establish the actual house, with plenty of space for orphans and visitors to its entertainment angle and car parking.

We have a staff who work primarily for orphans, helping them in the name of Allah, in various forms. We started with personal income, while more and more the support increased from our Muslim brothers, and to make life to normal for children without parents.

Our geographical position with the beauty and the rare air in the region as Prevalla, Tower makes it suitable for any job, and service activity. The Tower is well away from the noise of the car and away from the daily stress is also very favorable for tourists who do not know this part yet.
If you ask for food, in this place it is 95% natural. While, if you ask where its income goes,honestly they all are spent to the needs of orphans.
The orphans who we look after they live with their uncles and aunts,but very often they become part of their Tower, sharing a smile with each other, and with them we and other guests.
After more than 14 years of work, “Tower of Orphans” is gradually transformed into a key location of Prevalla.

It is the only place where Prevalla hears the Adhan salat, remaining as the source of many imams who contribute for Deen of Islam.
Holy Month of Ramadan, gathers and unites many people in our place, by maratoning right for knowledge, and helping to each other in the name of Allah.