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Kalliri i Mirësisë

The idea of being a part of well of people,when we were facing a critical point of war in 1999,should take the sense of focusing on something more concrete.This idea was realized in 1 february 1999 in a humanitarian organization called “Kalliri i Mirësisë”with residence in Prizren.
Our organization is focused in the most sensitive part of society in “Orphans”.Beside Prizren they come also from the other parts of Kosova like Peja, Gjakova, Prishtina and Mitrovica etc.

Although our aid was present before the war,our desire was that to name our activities in humanitarian organization called “Kalliri i Mirësisë”.
Our aim was that all the work we do was in the name of goodness.Our primary boost was based in religious and national causes.It was the life of our last prophet, Muhammad (alejhiselam), the most famous orphan in the world, it stimulated us that we to help to this part of society choosen by the God Almighty. Our assistance would be non-existent without the support of donors from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, England and a large part of its citizens of Prizren.

It’s been 15 years that the activities of our organization lies in three main areas:
First: The social support to orphans and their families to help them with money, food, clothing and hygienic stuff,
Second: In school and education of orphans with computer knowledge and English language,
Third: In organizing various activities such as excursions and camps.

Social support for orphans have been started since the NATO bombing against Yugoslav forces in Kosovo,we started with 55 orphans, while this number continuily grow higher.

Working with orphans is growing everyday. While the education of orphans resulted so far in very satisfactory. Most of the students who have been helped, they graduated in various fields, such as medicine, architecture,electro and various sciences, while they had all the conditions they needed to finish the school with success.
From the modest building of “Kulla e Jetimit” today they touch the peaks of achievement and success. Dear brothers and sisters this is a good argument enough for you to reach out your hand to orphans who wish to do the same thing. Who with their knowledge and work in future will teach, heal, enlighten generations of …